Monday, November 22, 2010

Finally making friends with the world of blogging!!

Hey Friends!!

It's taken me a while, but I'm finally here giving you something to read! yay! i bet you're excited. and Kiya this is all for you!! <3. I've been avoiding this whole blogging thing for a while because truthfully I just don't see the point (much the same as twitter! KINDA creepy in my opinion. people following you? stalker much?) any way, that's off topic. I guess I just wasn't exactly sure what to write about, so I've been telling myself that "oh, tomorrow will be a good day to start writing my blogs!" but ahum....tomorrow never really came..until now!! yahooo! It's not that I don't have many thoughts, because i have PLENTY of thoughts going on up in there, but I don't know how I feel about sharing them? I'm sure that once I become accustomed to this whole deal, I'll go from being discreet to spitting out things that you DEFINITELY did not want to know!! Also, sometime soon I will summarize the story of Hubby and I (for all you wonderers out there!) and because I know it's a good one to tell! But for today, I'm going to keep this one short just because I have ALOT of studying and homework to be doing. and I am very behind. oh dear. this is where I go on my stressball rant (Enjoy it Hope, cuz I KNOWWWW you are!! you rat)

Basically, prioritizing my time is not so easy at the moment! Nick's(Hubby) fam jam is over from Wales, his mom, dad and brother! (which is where Nick is from. Ideally I should be starting with that story, but you'll catch on soon enough). They arrived yesterday and are only here for a week sadly. Obviously, these next two weeks for us PR folk are filled with very important assignments worth a good chunk of our grade; assignments that require ALOT more time than previous ones lets say. butttt who was thinking about that? not me!! not when I was on pins and needles waiting for the in-laws to arrive and being excited to take them places during the week. They're only here for 6 days, so cut me some slack alright!!!!! I don't know when the next time is we will see them again and so my focus is kind of off. I keep forgetting I actually had school this week and tried to pretend that I didn't have anything to do for it. THATS BACKFIRING. I am now stressed out. How is that any different than normal you ask? (Hope stop your laughing!) BECAUSE ITS ABOUT 10 TIMES WORSE! thats how. and then I realized how lonely my blogspace was, so now im here taking it out on my keyboard.

PS. who watched the American Music Awards last night? Unfortunately, I did and it made me realize why I don't watch those stupid things anymore in the first place. Don't get me wrong, there were some really good performers (which did NOT include Rihanna, that was just embarrassing), but JUSTIN BEIBER (nick and I call him beaver) REALLY? I'm so sure he won artist of the year over Gaga. LETS BE SERIOUS world, lets be serious. That's just as bad as Bristol Palin making the finals of Dancing With the Stars. These things just change my whole opinion towards these shows. It's not like it used to be thats for damn sure! It's all a set up nowadays, no one really gets ahead anymore based on pure, raw talent. It's sad to see, but that seems to be the path our world is taking. It's hardly about what you know, it's about who you know that will get you places. If only it were that easy for school right now!

Anyways, enough of this randomness. I'm off to get to work!

Stay tuned! & goodnight!

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